The star of the show

The point-to-point marathon course starts in Oceanport at Monmouth Park (location of central parking and the Expo) and ends on the oceanfront Promenade just north of Pier Village and opposite the stage on The Great Lawn. The course has no significant hills and is virtually flat (with a few very gentle rolling stretches and bridge crossings). It is a very fast and flat course, which means every year many participants obtain new PRs!

Start Line

Please make sure to arrive early to give yourself plenty of time to park, pass through security and enter your assigned corral.

Monmouth Park
175 Oceanport Ave.
Oceanport, NJ 07757



  • ALL backpacks, duffle bags, draw string bags or similar non-translucent bags will NOT be permitted to enter Monmouth Park.
  • Athletes will be provided with one race issued clear plastic bag. All equipment must be placed within race issued bag in order to enter Monmouth Park race morning. If you arrive at the Monmouth Park entrance with a bag other than the official race issued clear plastic bag, you will have two choices:
    • Return to your vehicle and leave your bag there
    • Transfer all of your items into a race issued clear plastic bag before being permitted to enter the venue
  • Note: Fanny packs, hydration belts, water bottles and/or small hydration-only packs will be allowed, but are subject to search at any time.

Gear Check

Since the start and finish lines are located in two different areas, bags will be transported to the finish area so athletes can have their bags available after finishing. There will be a gear bag drop-off area near the start line and a bag pickup area near the finish line.

Please note:

  • Bags must be the gear bags given out at the expo. No substitutions!
  • Please DO NOT leave valuables in your bag.
  • Please DO NOT leave your bag unattended at any time.
  • Any items dropped at the start line or along the course will be donated to charity.

Please see the Finish Line description below for VERY IMPORTANT SECURITY RESTRICTIONS with regard the Gear Check retrieval post-race.

Time Limit

The Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon is open to all participants of age who are able to finish in 6 hours and 30 minutes. Participants wishing to complete their event within that timeframe will need to maintain a pace of 15 minutes per mile or faster. After the time limit has been reached, streets will re-open to vehicular traffic, and participants still out on the race course will be asked to move to the sidewalks or re-route. On-course support (aid stations) will close at this time.

Marathon cutoff policy summary

  • FINISH – All athletes must finish the 26.2 mile course in 6 hours and 30 minutes (approximately 15 minutes per mile).
  • MILE 5.7 – All athletes must reach Mile 5.7 by 9:15 a.m. After 9:15 a.m., instead of making the left turn on Patten Ave., athletes will be directed to bear right to Florence Ave. Runners will then turn left at Atlantic Ave., and rejoin the course as they turn right onto MacArthur at mile 8.3 (eliminating 2.3 miles from the course).
  • MILE 11.5 – All athletes must reach the 11.5 mile mark in 2 hours and 50 minutes or less. After 10:40 a.m., no marathon runners will be permitted to make the right turn onto Ocean Avenue and all runners will be directed to finish the half marathon course.
  • MILE 17.5 – All athletes must reach the 17.5 mile mark by 12:10 p.m. After this time, instead of making the right turn onto Asbury Avenue from Ocean Ave., we will direct runners to turn left to the boardwalk (eliminating 2.4 miles from the course).
  • FINISH LINE – Finish line will close at 2:30 p.m.

On-Course information

Medical Support
The Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon is very proud of the volunteer support from the many New Jersey municipalities that supply EMT staff and ambulances along the course, as well as the volunteer medical personnel from Monmouth Medical Center who staff our medical tents. There is a medical tent near the finish line and a large medical facility adjoining our finish line area to deal with serious issues. In addition, mobile EMT ambulances are scattered throughout the course at strategic locations. Whether it’s blisters, cramping or other medical problems, our trained EMTs will be there to assist you. A special THANKS to the many bicyclists who, as our “eyes and ears,” will be patrolling our course in multiple sectors to both assist and seek assistance as needed.

We will be using chip timing with mats at the start and finish lines and the following points:

  • 10K – Half, Full, Relay
  • 11.5 Mile (Course Split) – Half, Full, Relay
  • 13.1 Mile – Full
  • 20 Mile – Full

There will be timing clocks positioned throughout the course. Please note the clocks will start when the first corral starts, and therefore may not be accurate for you if you start in a later corral.

Fluid stations
Gatorade Endurance Formula (lemon-lime) is available at each of our fluid stations. Gatorade will be served first at the stations with water served second. Most fluid stations average about 1.5 miles apart and are staffed by many service organizations and volunteers from some of the various charity beneficiaries.



On-course food
Honey Stinger energy gels (Orange Mango and Fruit Smoothie) will be served at the following Fluid Stations:

  • Mile 7.9 – Half, Full, Relay
  • Mile 15.8 – Full
  • Mile 21.3 – Full

Bananas will be served at the following Fluid Stations:

  • Mile 13.3 – Full
  • Mile 23.6 – Full

All discarded clothing will be donated to charities. We cannot return clothing discarded either at the start or along the course.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you DO NOT use your headphones during the races for safety reasons. For safety reasons there will be no regular or jogging strollers, bikes, kettle bells or skates permitted on the course.

Finish Line

Long Branch Ocean Promenade
North of Pier Village and the Ocean Place Resort & Spa

Finish area security measures

  • There will be NO BAGS permitted to enter the finish venue for both athletes and spectators (this includes race issued clear plastic bags, purses, backpacks, diaper bags, etc.).
  • Post-race, athletes will be able to retrieve their clear, plastic gear bag from the Gear Check area. However, for security reasons, these bags will NOT be permitted within the festival area. Athletes will be able to retrieve what they need from their bags and there will be change tents available for athletes to change their clothes. Anyone leaving the Gear Check area with the clear plastic bag will be directed to the venue exit.
  • Spectators should leave all bags in their vehicles. There will be police security check points at all entrances to the Finish Festival. Any spectator who has a bag will be asked to bring it back to their vehicle before they will be permitted to enter the venue.